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will be held at: Box End Park, Box End, Bedford on Tuesday 25th June 2024 AT 7.30 PM. Agenda, minutes of previous AGM and Annual Accounts can be found here


Can the Waterway Park help combat future drought?

The Bedford and Milton Keynes Waterway Trust has been an advocate for a new waterway park linking Bedford and Milton Keynes since 1996. In recent years we have increasing argued that it should be given serious consideration as a piece of green/blue infrastructure that can achieve many positive outcomes:

      ●   an economic boost for the region through the establishment of a new navigation and recreation location

     ●    increased biodiversity through the creation of new wetlands and parkland

     ●    excellent cycle and walking routes through Marston Vale

     ●    improved water management opportunities

It is this last benefit which needs to come to the forefront right now. The country is facing serious drought and all the predictions are that we are facing more extended hot and arid periods. Our countryside, our businesses and we all need water. A new link between the River Great Ouse in Bedford and the Grand Union Canal and rivers in Milton Keynes could be a crucial resource. The capacity of the link to help remove water during flood and redistribute during drought is at last being looked at more seriously.

What’s happening in the BMK Waterway Park

We are always busy promoting the Waterway Park, raising funds and awareness through our community boats and working on projects along the route. View all news here


Your donations are making the waterway park a reality

Extending the navigation on the Gt Ouse, marking & securing the route as well as technical and economic studies, these are just some of the projects we are working on.

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Would you like to volunteer with Trust?

All of our work from running the community boats to planning and promoting the route is carried out by volunteers. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to get involved.

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