Experience the John Bunyan Boat

Facilities on Board

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    A bar facility and galley cafe with hot and cold catering available

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    An inbuilt audio system with microphone to provide cabin wide coverage

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    An access lift for those with limited mobility /wheelchair access

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    A toilet wide enough to accommodate a medium-sized wheelchair

Cabin Facilities

The cabin is light and airy with panoramic windows and a small fore-deck that guests are free to access during the cruise. The boat offers flexible seating arrangements for up to 50 guests. For charters we offer a variety of standard seating options, but should you have an alternative layout in mind our booking team would be pleased to discuss it with you.


For Charters the inbuilt audio system offers you the opportunity to provide your own playlist for charters (via CD or device) or should you prefer live entertainment then the boat can accommodate standalone sound and lighting systems (subject to confirmation of requirements). Should you wish to decorate the boat to suit your function we can also accommodate this.

Bar & Galley

The boat has a small galley on board that offers a café and bar service offering tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks (crisps, peanuts, biscuits etc.). Our Licensed bar operates on public cruises (12:00-21:45 except Monday’s.) For charters license extension may be possible should it be required.

Depending on the cruise type, a selection of pre-order food is available. We have made every effort to cater for everyone, include a vegan option and a Gluten-free option, but if you have any queries, please do email us.

On cruises where your ticket includes a buffet meal on shore, food options may vary. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please do email us with your order number and we will ensure those details get passed on.

The John Bunyan Boat has been awarded a food hygiene rating of 5 (Very Good) by the Food Standards Agency.




Accessibility - Disabled Access

The John Bunyan Boat is fitted with an disabled accessibility lift for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. It is important that a helper is present to assist those needing to take advantage of this facility. Passengers requiring use of the accessibility lift please embarking disembarking from the John Bunyan via the rear / stern of the boat. When booking wheelchair option book a normal ticket and add an additional Wheelchair ticket.

Disable / accessibility lift platform dimensions: – 1190mm x 900mm and max weight: 200Kg (31 st) (Wheelchair and passenger).

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