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Building of our new Milton Keynes Community Boat


Track the progress of building our new community boat

All Photos courtesy of Colecraft Ltd


Installation of the Inverter & Fusebox, Cabin interior paneling with lighting completed


View of the internal cabin ceiling, Interior cabin wiring, lift wiring & Battery bay

View of External Bow section


Views of the Interior of the cabin and internal Bow section with all spare foam cut back to the wooden battening

  External  views of the cabin with under coat of paint

Foam insulation coating on the inside of the cabin

Cabin lining, Bilges & Weedhatch and battery cage

Bow view painted with undercoat, Interior, rear cabin and rear deck


Exterior view with windows cutout and cabin interior from bow looking to stern

Bow, stern interior and cabin view from stern

View towards the bow, towards the stern, stern and Weedhatch

Sides and stern fabrication


Base plate and stern fabricated

















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