Bedford Mayoral candidates support the Waterway Park


Dave Hodgson, Liberal Democrat candidate said  “I am a huge supporter of the waterway scheme itself and of the waterways trust. My record provides considerable evidence of this.
As the inaugural chair and an ongoing member of the Bedford to Milton Keynes Waterway Consortium, I have championed the project and the many benefits it will bring in a wide variety of forums.
I have always made clear my strong belief that the benefits of the waterway project will not only be seen and experienced when the route is eventually completed and in place. As we work together in pursuit of the project we will open up new public space, biodiversity, leisure opportunities and much more. This firm belief has guided my decision-making on this issue as Mayor, and will continue to be the basis for my strong ongoing commitment to and support for the Waterway Trust and the Waterway project itself. “

Jenni Jackson, Labour candidate, said “As part owner of a 65′ narrow boat, I have long been a staunch supporter of everything waterways-related locally, especially the Bedford & MK Waterways Park.”

Adrian Spurrell, Green candidate said “I love the intention and in principal if elected would seek to support such a project”

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